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Students Application Guides {SAG}

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Students Application Guides {SAG}
by Melvin Lawrence - Monday, 18 September 2017, 2:06 AM

Dear Prospective Student,

You are welcome to LNC school of Alternative Medicine.

We will want you to know that our team of specialist are always ready to assist you in any ways you need our help.  You can use the Live support button below to ask any question relating to application challenges or inquiries you might be facing.

We will like to inform you about the new specialized modulated courses offered and certified by STANFORD University, Durham, North Carolina, University of Kentucky,Lexington, KY 40506, USA, and LNC School of Alternative Medicine, Ghana.

Yours faithfully,
Dr. Melvin Kodzo Lawrence
(Head of Study and Modulator)


1) Upon completing your application for a-six month training program to become a Nutritional Coach/Vitalist, the school will send your Username and Password to login into your classroom facilities.

2) You must first complete all your
     i]  Anatomy and Physiology practical classes from University of Kentucky and pass all the tests, exam and gain your certificate. (2 months). The credit unit you gain can be used to further courses in USA as a continuing student at University of Stanford in department of Cell Biology.

3) You must then complete the following course from Stanford University:
     i]  Food and Health -  (1 month). The credit unit you gain can be used to further courses in USA as a continuing student at Stanford School of Medicine.
4) Finally, you will receive the following courses from LNC School of Alternative Medicine, Ghana
     i]  Clinical Nutrition and Dietetic (1 month).    
     ii] Vital Signs: Understanding what the body is telling us (1 month).
     iii] Micro Circulation Therapies : Concept and Techniques (1 month). 

5)  Finally, you will be hosted in Ghana for two to three days (base on your means of travel), to complete your final exam with questions from all the courses above. You will present your course overview (as a project) and you will be awarded your Nutritional Coach/Vitalist certificate. 

Please bear in mind that international students will pay little accommodation fee (just a token).

NOTE: You can download the course content below

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