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Our team of certified Nutritionist and Health Care Assitants offers one of the best Alternative Health Care services to you as you visit our clinic.

LawFam Nutiritonal Clinic offers the services below:


Toxic and Nutritional Deficiency Scan.

Our Master Herbal Nutritionist believe that the best way to support the body into becoming well is to get rid of excessive toxins. The body accumulates TOXINS for years due to our high intake of MUCUS forming diet, CHRONIC STRESS and ANXIETY disorders base on our society today. High toxins accumulated makes the body become very ACIDIC and the acid will create room for chronic dis-eases.

Therefore, it is important that we see the level of your toxic build up. The level of your toxic build up will also help us know the level of nutritional deficencies.

You will be scanned using our NON-Invasive and simple 2D/3D machine to scan you.

Please bear in mind the machine causes NO SIDE EFFECT.



Chronic Stress & Anxiety Therapy


Chronic Joint Pain Therapy

All Natural Cellular Detox.

After checking your toxic and nutritional deficiency, you will be guided on a 10-day cellular cleansing detox known by many as GREEN BODY RESET aka (GBR). GBR was designed by THE MOST HIGH and given to Dr. Melvin Kodzo Lawrence, the former C.E.O and Alternative Doctor in Charge of Recovery Nutritionals, Spintex. GBR has brought smiles on the faces of many people.


» Balanced PH

» Clearer Mental and Concentration Functions

» Sleep Better and Wake up with more Energy

» Reduce weight around waist, tummy etc base on your committment

» Remove fat in the Liver (fatty leads to fibrosis or liver cancer)

» Remove fat in the blood (Blood fat is the number cause of Arthritis, Stroke, Fibroid, Heart Failure and it is responsible for prolong treatment of various dis-eases)

» Improve immunity

Truthfully, when we say 80% organic we mean it, our livestyle today has made it difficult to get 100% organic in Ghana. Our Detox is all natural and everything.



100% Organic Facial Therapy


100% Organic SUPER Nutrition.

Upon the remover of toxins in your system, our Master Herbal Nutritionist will guide you through a minimum of two weeks to six months complete cellular nutritional rejuvenation base on your cellular deformites and deficiency.


» Super Immunity

» High Mental Clarity

» Boost Sexual Energy

» Improve Blood Flow

» Other benefits are based on indidviduals cellular deformities.










About us

The Lawfam Nutritional Clinic story started after the founder Dr. Melvin Kodzo Lawrence had two failed partnership contracts that ended base on management conflicts.

The company is co-directed today by the Lawrence's family Dr.Melvin Kodzo Lawrence & Sheila Esi Sedor Lawrence and managed by our able team.

Lawfam Nutritional Clinic is a home of complete natural wellness and rejuvenating therapies.

The true quest for improving health and bringing smiles on families has been the real passion for the birth of LawFam Nutritional Clinic.



Improving the living conditions of our people with nautral and organic therapies.



Improving health with affordable care for stronger and longer living.


Performance Rating >>>


Toxic Scanning & Nutritional Diagnosis

100% Accurate

Super Nutrition and Cellular Therapy

100% Organic

Iconic and TCM Therapy

100% Satisfaction

GBR Therapy

80% Organic

Our Support and Care

90% Sactisfactory

Our Training

Lawfam Nutritional Clinic is dedicated to expanding rich natural health knowledge to families and the communities at large. Our mission is to promote natural and safe health practices that will lead to the well being of our people. We cant wait all the time for our choked system (environment) to save us from it congestions. We have outlined various nutritional and natural therapy courses you can enrol. We will teach you 100% natural health and you will be able to keep yourself, family and the community out of trouble or sudden death diseases.
You will be given a FAMILY NUTRITIONAL HERBALIST CERTIFICATE. Please bear in mind it doesnt give you license to go and open a health or community clinic. The Certificate will give you access to our NUTRITIONAL COACH CERTIFICATE that will enable you get a job in an Alternative Medicine Centres as a Health Assistant. Finally, you will gain access to our ADVANCE CLINICAL NUTRITION COURSE, which will help you gain all the master knowledge to start your own centre or preferably work as a NUTRITIONAL HERBOLOGIST with any Alternative Medicine Clinic. You must bear in mind that the regulatory body for Alternative Medicine from the Ministry of Health, Ghana must grant you the final practice certificate or clinic inspection before you start. All our students always get the proper guides for successful completion.

Family Nutritional Coach

Ideal for Personal Care, Family Care, Alternative Medicine Assistants & Herbal Retailers

Nutritional Coach Certificate

Requirement: Family Nutriton Coach or Physis, Chemistry, Biology or Human Anatomy & Pyhsiology

Nutritional Herbologist

Requirement: Nutritional Coach Certificate & Project Works

Traditional Chinese Medicine!

Requirement: Family Nutrional Coach.
or Anatomy and Physiology


The Team

We will not stop until good health and quality lifestyle is promoted in our communities.

Dr. Melvin Kodzo Lawrence

CEO & Founder

He was the C.E.O and co-founder of Recovery Nutritionals, Spintex.

He is a Master Herbologist and Nutritionist who specializes in cellular purification and nutritional revitalization therapies.

He is ten years old in the field and has put smiles on so many people home and abroad.

Sheila Esi Sedor Lawrence


She is the founder of Seds Garments and Accessories located in Tema. A co-founder of Lawfam Nutritional Clinic, She is a senior business strategist, born with a touch of quality influence. She is a mother of four strong boys. She was a strong judge in the 2017 popular SEWING BEE competition and She was co-sponsor of "ALL IS NOT OVER - Christian Fashion Show 2017"

Evelyn Obiriwaa Kagya

General Manager

She was the sales manager of Baby Depot Company for seven years and the formal secretary and financial manager of Recovery Nutritional Clinic for two years (2013-2015).

LawFam Super Team

Kafui, Elikplim, Amos and Joseph


Happy Clients

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Fast Support


You are welcome to Lawfam Nutritional Clinic.

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