About Us

The Lawfam Nutritional Clinic story started after the founder Dr. Melvin Kodzo Lawrence had two failed partnership contracts that ended base on management conflicts.

The company is co-directed today by the Lawrence's family Dr.Melvin Kodzo Lawrence & Sheila Esi Sedor Lawrence, managed by Evelyn Kagya and supervised by Regina Agbagba .

Lawfam Nutritional Clinic is a home of complete natural wellness and rejuvenating therapies.

The true quest for improving health and bringing smiles on families has been the real passion for the birth of LawFam Nutritional Clinic.



Improving the living conditions of our people with nautral and organic therapies.



Improving health with affordable care for stronger and longer living.


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Toxic Scanning & Nutritional Diagnosis

100% Accurate

Super Nutrition and Cellular Therapy

100% Organic

Iconic and TCM Therapy

100% Satisfaction

GBR Therapy

80% Organic

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